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I came to Bali with no expectations. My only wish was to find peace and to center myself. I had been caught up in a whirlwind of battles and was tired and defeated. What I found rejuvenated my soul.

I had deviated from my set plan, my rigid path that I had built. I was allowing myself a chance to just BE, to learn how to lead the cart instead of pushing it up that very steep hill. After two weeks of detoxifying myself from my own personal set of rules, I began to see glimpses of the younger me. What I had found was my spirit. The knowing energy that is deep down within – strength, courage and character.

Spirit is the backbone of Bali. It shows itself in every detail, smile and chance meeting. I didn’t know what would transpire here. I couldn’t imagine my life if I had not come here.

In this collection I share with you a few glimpses into the Spirit of Bali. The pictures of a scattered offering whose remains show me a sign that I had not expected, the prayers of safe travels, the glory that I found in my surroundings. I hope these pieces inspire you, that by their becoming a part of your home and your life, that you are also reminded on a daily basis of the beauty of Spirit.

Photographer: Loxley A. Browne
Photo Editor: Yan Wen Pan