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Hong Kong


As I watched the play of the lights on the harbor water I knew that my story of the Hong Kong light show would be different from that of other photographers. Serendipity played a hand at rendering the lights fantastic. The stares I caused while creating these images will be stories passed down through families of their travels to Asia’s favorite city and the American photographer writing stories across the sky.

Standing at the harbor side and riding across on the Star Ferry, each perspective, each beacon of light, provided me with a different story. The pictures in this series are the skyscrapers of Hong Kong that line Victoria Harbor, the spectacle of the world’s largest outdoor light show, architecture and light shown from a different perspective – not your typical. My illusory light show is a perfect complement to your interior.

I prefer keeping the print prices as reasonable as possible so that more people can afford to purchase them. My wish is to share my experiences of traveling around the world, and to provide uplifting and inspirational, images of the beauty that I extract from each country and culture.

Photographer: Loxley A. Browne
Photo Editor: Yan Wen Pan