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Red Wall Window


Nepal Collection

Name: Red Wall Window

Date: Fall 2012

Country: Nepal

I wandered through as many of the monasteries as I could during my short assignment in Pharping, Nepal. Usually I made my three circles around the Stupa and then continued walking along to my next location to shoot pictures. The Sakya Monastery was there next door to the Tibetan Guest House where I resided those two nights.

The colors beckoned to me. The first circle around the Stupa, I looked up to see how this window captured my eye. By the third round I knew that I had to photograph it. It is simplicity at its best, lost in a sea of color.


Order: Available in multiple sizes. To obtain your own fine art print, visit the Order Page.

Stories: The images were taken while I was on a 18-month sabbatical around the world. To read of my experiences in Nepal, visit 30 Days of Adventure.