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Nepal Collection Description


The memories that will be the longest-lasting for me of Nepal has been of my delving deeper into Buddhism, my introduction in Hinduism and the joy of the simple (yet hard) life in the Himalayan village.

Nepal is like nothing I have experienced before. Each step deeper into Asia helped to shed a layer of “Americanisms”; to quit thinking and expecting anything to be remotely similar. I had, after all, left the United States in order to experience the life and culture of these other countries.

The beauty that I found resides in the craftsmanship of their religious art, their ancient architecture, and the natural landscape of the Himalayas. The artist, designer and outdoor loving girl in me had happened upon a little slice of heaven.

The pictures that I present to you in this collection show you those pieces of Nepal. Not the typical National Geographic photographer panoramic view of a mountain range with spectacular colors, but the small details shown to you in varying shades of gray. This was the reality that was mine. I hope you enjoy the view!

Photographer: Loxley A. Browne
Photo Editor: Yan Wen Pan