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Boudha Stupa Paint Boys


Nepal Portrait Collection

Name: Boudha Stupa Paint Boys

Date: Fall 2012

Country: Nepal

It only took me a week to start recognizing the faces. Those following the traditions of their spirituality as they walked around the Stupa spinning the prayer wheels. It took me a full month of living in the Boudanath village of Kathmandu before realizing the rituals of maintenance that surround the grand Stupa. I had met a friend for coffee atop one of the rooftop cafes when I heard the shouts of delight from across the way. Prayer flags were coming down, incense was burning, the monthly ritual in high gear as the famous grand dame was being cleaned. I looked over the see the boys in the midst of throwing fresh whitewash on the doomed roof. Their scurrying up and down the ladders with buckets full of paint added to the bustle on the plaza. Later that evening during the full moon ceremonies the stupa glowed.


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Stories: The images were taken while I was on a 18-month sabbatical around the world. To read of my experiences in Nepal, visit 30 Days of Adventure.