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France Collection Description


I had dreamt of going to France since I was a little girl reading biographies of historical figures. While studying during my college years, the architecture inspired me. Later, while working in the wine industry, the vineyards and farm life drew me. As I neared the end of my 18-months around the world, I decided to do something for “me”. To visit some of the areas that had captured my imagination since childhood. And true to my upbringing, I tended to a small farm in Bordeaux and a rose garden in Bretagne. They were both reminiscent of the life I had lived as a child.

On the weekends, I had the rare opportunity to visit with my friend’s family at their 16th century chateau in Bordeaux. Their beautiful estate which had been passed down through the generations: it was well-known for their vintages and the Entre-Deux-Mers, I had the opportunity to walk the vineyards, see the production taking place and dig through the old archives in the office. Incredible finds! Journals from the ship’s captains on the transport of their barrels of wine, the cost of the journey, the crew involved…I was turning the pages of history and feeling it come to life as I spoke with the Doublet family and listen to their stories.

My two months in France were incredible. The countryside of France was everything that I had imagined and the people charming. When I returned, everyone asked about Paris, the baroque architecture, Notre Dame, Versailles. On this trip, I avoided the tourist destinations. I wanted to see the parts of France that aren’t truly shown in tourist guides and TV shows. And honestly, I was told by a great friend, a Spaniard, “you can not go to Paris unless you are with your lover.” To date, I have never seen Paris. Some day soon I will have to remedy that!

Photographer: Loxley A. Browne
Photo Editor: Yan Wen Pan