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Peace in Medoc


Bordeaux Vineyard Collection

Name: Peace in Medoc

Date: Spring 2013

Country: France

“Peace” is an English equivalent of the French word “pax.” It also means “calm, quiet, serenity” or “grace.”

Another description I uncovered deciphered it as meaning, “the kissing by all the participants at a Mass of a tablet depicting the Crucifixion or other sacred object.”

When looking out across the landscape, I had no idea what the inscription on the crucifix meant. It sat in the curve of the road at the workman’s entrance to the vineyard. However, I felt a wonderful sense of tranquility as I looked out across the winter landscape of the large cloud-filled sky and barren vines. If those who worked in the vineyard consciously recognized that symbol of peace upon each passing, that feeling could only be passed along through the wine. The essence of the meaning radiated across the countryside.


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Stories: The images were taken while I was on a 18-month sabbatical around the world. To read of my experiences in France, visit 30 Days of Adventure.