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Bordeaux Village


Bordeaux Vineyard Collection

Name: Bordeaux Village

Date: Spring 2013

Country: France

Saint-Émilion had three reasons for our visit – to show me the village where The Doublet Family has a vineyard, to take a stroll through a small village enjoying the sites and the macroons. The world famous macroons. The melt-in-your-mouth, incredible, delicious macroons. A recipe that comes from the religious community of Ursulines Lacroix dates back to 1620 when the Ursuline sisters established their monastery in Saint-Émilion. Of the multiple reasons to visit Saint-Émilion, the views enjoyed while snacking on the cookies are most fabulous.


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Stories: The images were taken while I was on a 18-month sabbatical around the world. To read of my experiences in France, visit 30 Days of Adventure.