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I was born into a Southern family of historic change-makers and storytellers. From the 1st President of the United States George Washington, to a judge who brought electricity into the rural section of West Georgia, to an Uncle who was a doctor in Hollywood assisted by my Grandmother who was the nurse for Tom Mix – the first true cowboy mega star. Each family member lived life in such a way that enabled them to create incredible stories that held me spellbound as a child.

For me, my stories are best told through my photography and whimsical writing. In 2011, I left my “conventual life” behind and set out for a nomadic adventure around the world in hopes of telling the greatest story of all…a journey of inward discovery and outward expression. Along the way capturing the people, places and events that taught me about myself, as well as about the world.

Ever the explorer, I approach life with a neophyte’s wide-eyed wonder for why thing are as they are. When you tag along, you’ll hear my thoughts, see the world through the lens of my camera and feel my heart as it wraps itself around the many people I meet along my journey. I invite you to travel with me as we step into the lives of others; as we hear their story and see their life through artwork that will be an expression and gift of this journey.

It’s my goal to continue my journey over the next decade and capture the stories you don’t typically hear or ever have the opportunity to know, but are none the less worthy of much attention. Together we can touch the lives of thousands and author a story of life change that will leave an imprint on all of us!

Come along with me on my journey!  And, if you are moved by anything you may see along the way, I invite you to mark that moment by purchasing a piece of fine art and following the story of how it comes to be.



“The National Geographic photo crew has met its match. Loxley’s quest for big adventure is effectively conveyed through her photographs which allow the viewer to be catapulted into her journey. The photographs vary from quiet introspection to the bold and beautiful. Her photos are a worthy addition to a collection.”
~Frank Falcetta, Art Collector


“The gift of art and culture is truly the best gift of all. As an art historian, and history buff in general, I thoroughly enjoy exploring the visual history of each foreign city in Loxley’s collection just as much as I love reading the written history accompanying the photographs. Loxley’s work truly brings a glimpse of the world right into your home, as she captures the more interesting aspects of culture and architecture through her lens. Her collection is not only visually appealing, but it offers historical tidbits to expand your mind and culinary creations to satisfy your taste buds. Never before have I seen such as stimulating modern art experience that takes you across the world and back into time.”
-Erin Hollenbank, Art Historian, Critic & Appraiser


“I’m encouraged by you. The fact that you have stepped out of what seemed like a “normal” life just a few years ago and have thrown “conventionality” out the window…is challenging me to have similar thoughts. Life is about using the gifts we have been given to their maximum benefit and influence for those that need it the most. You are doing that…and in a way that is uniquely yours. Your youthful spirit shines through every note, post, photo or video you do. I’m sure the people that are lucky enough to be in your presence are blessed by that spirit. It’s unique. Most people have lost that part of themselves or had it taken away…you bring it back…for us all.”
~Bob Cloyd, 30 Days of Adventure Fan & Collector


“Loxley is a true adventurer. As someone who’s been around the world 10 times myself, as well as being a former photographer and international journalist, I know and appreciate the commitment Loxley has demonstrated in both setting up and executing her current journey. The fact that she is able to capture some of that exotic life in these outstanding photographs is even more impressive; her eye is as sharp as her photos and I’m proud to own one of these snapshots in time. I anticipate even bigger things from Loxley over the years, and am happy to be a part of her journey in this small way.”
-Ari Cheren, Television Producer & Collector


She finds the unexpected beauty in the everyday genre and brings it to life through her lens.”
-Erin Hollenbank, Art Historian, Critic & Appraiser



HGTV “Cool Pools”, Still Photographer, Atlanta, GA, Summer 2014

Vagina Monologues & Eve Ensler, Event Photographer, Atlanta, GA, Spring 2014, Commissioned Photographer providing all images for artwork sold on site, Pharping, Nepal, Fall 2013, Commissioned Photographer providing all images for website, Boudhanath, Nepal, Fall 2013



Artistic Director @ Southern Style Man, LLC, September 2013 – December 2014
Photographer,  July 2011 – June 2013
Art Provider @ ABC Christmas Cupid, 2010
Art and Location Provider @ ABC Detroit 1-8-7, 2010
Photography Curator @ Centennial Park Visitors Center 2009 – 2011
Event Director @ SNAP Photo Hunt, 2009 – 2011
Gallery Director @ Artist Trifecta, 2009 – 2011
Photography Stylist @ Better Homes & Gardens, 2005
Location Stylist @ TBS Movie & a Makeover, 2005
Production Assistant @ TBS Movie & a Makeover, 2005