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Bhaktapur Barber Shop

Nepal Portrait Collection

Name: Bhaktapur Barber Shop

Date: Fall 2012

Country: Nepal

I was walking through a maze of streets in Bhaktapur when I passed this little shop. It brightly outshone the others due to its jewel-toned colors. I felt as though I would be crossing through a portal and stepping back in time by entering his barber shop. The feeling of nostalgia permeated the air.

When we started playing around with how to present the images, Yan suggested creating these with the Black & White background in order to truly make the color pop. My favorite collector, Mr. Falcetta, saw the artist’s proof, mentioned my work’s resemblance to a Richard Estes painting and promptly ordered one for himself.


Order: Available in multiple sizes. To obtain your own fine art print, visit the Order Page.

Stories: The images were taken while I was on a 18-month sabbatical around the world. To read of my experiences in Nepal, visit 30 Days of Adventure.